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View the conquest data for The Balance Of Power and see the top ten for your server from February 14, 2018 07:20 AM to February 22, 2018 07:20 AM EST.

The Balance Of Power

View the objectives and conquest bonuses list for this week's conquest, The Balance Of Power.

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Merged Servers

Server Makeb Voss Alderaan
Darth Malgus This Week Guilds History Makeb wardens of the republic @ the red eclipse 5.73 Million Voss stroke my wookie @ the red eclipse 6.11 Million Alderaan untempered dread the red eclipse 7.01 Million
Satele Shan This Week Guilds History Makeb blood bath and beyond @ the harbinger 5.45 Million Voss blbod bath and beyond @ the harbinger 2.62 Million Alderaan galaxy knights @ space slug 8.77 Million
Star Forge This Week Guilds History Makeb the sanctuary @ jedi covenant 10.3 Million Voss unchained wrath the shadowlands 10.5 Million Alderaan you aim; sith jedi covenant 5.6 Million
The Leviathan This Week Guilds History Makeb sparte @ mantle of the force 3.82 Million Voss les wookies mal rases @ mantle of the force 1.53 Million Alderaan guo non ascendet mantle of the force 3.54 Million
Tulak Hord This Week Guilds History Makeb toxic dragon @ t3-m4 2.51 Million Voss glucksbérchi gmbh t3-m4 3.08 Million Alderaan koosai @ t3-m4 4.3 Million