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View the conquest data for Death Mark and see the top ten for your server from January 09, 2018 04:53 AM to January 15, 2018 02:27 PM EST.

Death Mark

View the objectives and conquest bonuses list for this week's conquest, Death Mark.

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Merged Servers

Server Makeb Tatooine The Black Hole Quesh Nar Shaddaa
Darth Malgus This Week Guilds History Makeb lntermedium nightmare lands 2.89 Million Tatooine wardens of the republic @ the red eclipse 8.29 Million The Black Hole stroke my wookie @ the red eclipse 11.1 Million Quesh untempered dread the red eclipse 5.72 Million Nar Shaddaa darkstorm @ the red eclipse 6.53 Million
Satele Shan This Week Guilds History Makeb dark galaxy knights @ the harbinger 4.76 Million Tatooine galaxy knights @ space slug 7.62 Million The Black Hole blbod bath and beyond @ the harbinger 4.52 Million Quesh crimson order @ the harbinger 4.63 Million Nar Shaddaa blood bath and beyond @ the harbinger 9.83 Million
Star Forge This Week Guilds History Makeb imperial reapers jedi covenant 4.8 Million Tatooine the courageous canderous 0rdo 8.84 Million The Black Hole you aim; sith jedi covenant 6.69 Million Quesh the sanctuary @ jedi covenant 8.89 Million Nar Shaddaa unchained wrath the shadowlands 12.9 Million
The Leviathan This Week Guilds History Makeb les marchombres @ mantle of the force 2.73 Million Tatooine les wookies mal rases @ mantle of the force 3.52 Million The Black Hole sparte @ mantle of the force 4.1 Million Quesh tdm mantle of the force 3.36 Million Nar Shaddaa guo non ascendet mantle of the force 3.13 Million
Tulak Hord This Week Guilds History Makeb lisping sith t3-m4 2.09 Million Tatooine dark shadow force @ t3-m4 4.02 Million The Black Hole funnyfarm t3-m4 3 Million Quesh glucksbérchi gmbh t3-m4 4.34 Million Nar Shaddaa koosai @ t3-m4 6.12 Million